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I switched from a free hosting platform to one that I own for two reasons. First, to improve my english and second, to be more involved in programmers community and do it on my own. I know that I could stay there but it was in polish and besides that it is a good chance to start over.

My previous blogs were hosted (and still are) on the www.wordpress.com platform (www.creyn.wordpress.com and www.pawelkowalik.wordpress.com). I have a free plan and it was fun to run them. I don’t consider myself as a proffesional blogger, more like an amator and I’d like to have fun writing posts.

And I decided to do it on my own. I have paid hosting on www.webio.pl and I want to have it there. So I decided to switch. I just wanted to create new blogs and start writing. On webio there are some ready to use apps that you can install and start blogging. One of them was Ghost, which is more and more popular platform for blogs. They motto is ‘just a blogging platform’. And it looks beautiful and has very simple and elegant themes.

But unfortunatelly I have a lot of problems to start it on webio hosting. Which itself runs on IIS platform. I was able to write posts but any change in settings gave me the 500 error. I get great help from tech support at webio and I was moving forward. But the fun of having blog was gone. It was more like: ‘lets fix this new Ghost thing’. And probobly I would. But after finding some comments in source code like this:

I decided that this is not so fine product after all. There is a lot to do for Ghost people.

Another ready to use app was WordPress. So I installed it and was waiting to have some new issues. But no. My jaw just dropped. Literally. It installed in less that 5 minutes. No errors. Everything is working. It is fast and nice. I was amazed. This was second time in my life that I was amazed by a software. First one was a few years back. You know, I am a Windows / Linux guy with a skillset to solve issues when using software. But then I have a chance to work on Mac. And it … works. Just like that. And more than that. It is beatifull and fast and amazing.

So by this post I want to somehow compare the quality of user experience of WordPress to Apple. I pay a tribute. I think they deserved it.


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