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    ACRA for Android

    When writing applications for smartphones there will be a time that you will have to deal with production errors. You should do whatever it takes to eliminate errors from your app before releasing it to production. You should do unit, integration, regression, end to end testing for every release. But there is no such thing as an…


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    Postman: framework for testing API

    Few times in the past I had to do some testing on my APIs. I needed very simple way to easily call different HTTP method like POST or PUT with some specific custom HTTP Headers. I have used a few tools for this but all of them seem to have some minor or major issues…

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    Invite your friends to your Facebook fanpage like a Dev

    In this post I will show you a very easy way to invite all of your Facebook friends to like your Facebook fanpage. This is a little hack that will require some source code analyzing and dev skills. But after all, this is extremely easy.

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